Boxing Day Swim / Dip

Boxing Day Swimmers

A swim or dip in the sea over the festive period (be it Christmas, Boxing Day, or New Year) is a traditional event for many lifeguard clubs across the UK. With sea temperatures ranging anywhere from 3-10°C, the challenge is to brave the cold! It's certainly a good way to clear your head after the excesses of the season.

Depending on how hardy the participants are, it can be anything from a quick 30 second dip, to a longer session playing in the waves (our record is 25 minutes). Wet suits are generally frowned upon!

NSVL has held a Boxing Day swim every year since the club's formation in 1998, jumping in the North Sea from our base at Whitley Bay on the north-east coast of England. The event started off and continues to be one of the year's biggest social gatherings of members young and old, travelling from far and wide. To us it is as much a part of Boxing Day as turkey sandwiches!

Since 2002 we have produced a special t-shirt each year for particpants to wear with pride during and after the event. Participants also receive a certificate for their efforts!

The event is not just for members, but also their friends and family and any local residents who wish to join in. As such, it has become one of our biggest fundraising events of the year.

Below you can find links to all Boxing Day content and images since the year 2000.



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